Starin’ at Stonehenge

Check out the video to learn a bit about Stonehenge!

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Killin’ it in Copenhagen


Check out the video if you want to see Copenhagen’s “#1” tourist attraction and the reaction from Copenhagen’s main square when they won Eurovision! I’ll add more pics later.


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Boppin’ in Berlin

Berlin was pretty fantastic. It was a historical minefield during the day and a place that made it all too easy to stay out all night. Luckily, my travelling partner’s German was good enough to keep us mostly out of trouble.

Here is the main video, but I made about three or four extra videos of me just having “historygasms” around a bunch of Soviet related historical sites around the city that I actually decided not to put up. Enjoy!


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Escape to the Cape #11: The Grand Finale

The final Escape to the Cape update took place from the top of Table Mountain.

Thanks for watching.


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Last Weekend

It was a very active last weekend for me in Cape Town. On Friday, my coworkers gave me one last goodbye. They gave my a heartwarming gift bag that included some typical South African snacks and a wonderful t-shirt. You know those clothing items you find buried deep in your parent’s drawers thirty years down the road and then surprise them by wearing so reminisce with an old tale of magic and mysticism? Ya, kind of like that.

On Saturday I did my last hike. It was a beautiful day to hike Table Mountain, but finally seeing the quality of that view on my last full day did not make my departure any easier. I went with a few friends and we brought along a couple of bottles of sparkling wine to sip on at the top. A day of hiking accompanied by some drinks under the sun; it’s hard to get more Capetonian than an active day sprinkled (or doused) with some drinks.

On Saturday night, a large group of us went BOWLING! WOOOO. My team was unable to pull out the victory, but I suppose we gave it our best shot. We walked around the corner next door to the 80’s dance club, Boogie, and danced the night away. It was a great way to say goodbye to many amazing people as the laughs and the smiles trumped any chance for a look of sadness to surface. After I packed my bags the next morning, I hopped on my flight and headed out to Germany.

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Pub Golf!

I organized a pub crawl with the members and friends of the running club a few weeks ago. Check it out!

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With a couple of weeks left, I decided to give the Cape Town staple Mzoli’s another try. I had actually attended this eating and dancing bonanza during my first couple of weeks, but unfortunately the combination of a night earlier that ran too late and a very hot day made it a pretty poor experience. I’m so glad I went back! I had a great time with my roommates and friends.

Basically at Mzoli’s, you start by picking out a bunch of raw meat for you and your friends to eat. After you pick it out, you pay and they take it back and braai it for you. After about 45 minutes they emerge with a steaming pile of cooked meat for your table to devour before the chairs get cleared out and the music starts to consume a very satisfied group of people that was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol while they waited for the food to show up. This gives you a tiny impression of what it develops into, but this is before it really hits full stride:

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